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20 Fitness Hacks For Lazy Girls That Will Change Your Life (VIDEO)

It’s time to work out. Do you?

  • Think of a million better things to do to get out of it?
  • Feel unmotivated?
  • Hit the snooze button a half dozen times?
  • Pout?

If you find yourself doing any of the above, I’ve got your back.  As a former fat girl, one of the most challenging parts of getting fit was finding the motivation to exercise.  

20 Fitness Hacks For Lazy Girls.

(Because of my back and knee injuries, sometimes exercise hurts.  It’s very easy for me to let my inner fat girl seduce me with excuses to skip exercise.)  

However, my inner fit girl (nutritionist and trainer self) knows better.

That’s why I created this lazy girl workout that you can do when you just-don’t-wanna-but-you-know-you-should kinda days.  (they happen!) All you need is a set of dumbbells and about 20 minutes.  

You don’t even have to sit up or stand.

 Technically, you can do this lazy girl workout from bed (above the covers) if you really wanna rock the ‘lazy’ vibe of this exercise.  

Seriously, this is the ultimate no excuses workout for even the laziest of girls.  <3  NO EXCUSES!  Watch and share the workout in an episode of CCTV.

Can’t seem to make it to the gym these days? Stop with the excuses, and let these 20 lazy-girl-approved tips keep you on track all season long.

20 Fitness Hacks For Lazy Girls

1. Keep it short

Always opt for a short and intense workout over a longer one where you don’t push yourself. HIIT it, then quit it.

2. Get it out of the way

Start your day with a workout so you don’t have a chance to skip it later. This one is great for all the procrastinating lazy ladies out there.

3. Two birds, one stone

Cardio and strength training doesn’t have to happen separately. Combine them in one workout like this 30-minute printable for a killer workout.

4. Hit the floor

Yes, you can lie on the floor and still get an awesome workout. These lazy-girl-approved moves are proof.

5. Double TV time

Your commercial breaks are mini workouts that add up after an hour or two of your favorite shows. Try this three-minute workout the next time you want to binge on the tube.

6. Socialize

Grab friends for your next class. Scheduling a fitness date will make you more likely to stick with the game plan. No one likes to bail on someone they love.

7. Pack up early

Get your gear ready to go the night before your workout. That way you don’t have to rush around right before your workout . . . or end up skipping it altogether.

8. Change your commute

Ride your bike or walk for a portion or all of your commute. Makings things active will help you burn calories and keep you off public transportation for as long as possible.

9. Multitask the mundane

You can always sneak in some exercise. Move through calf raises when you’re standing in a long line or waiting for the bus, and move through this two-minute workout you can do while brushing your teeth.

10. Enjoy your snack

The right pre-workout snack can fuel you up for a better performance at your next workout. Try one of these and enjoy it.

11. Go slow

You don’t have to look like the Energizer Bunny during every workout. Turn up the resistance, slow things down, and you’ll feel the burn big-time.

12. Drink up

More water helps your body burn more fat, and being properly hydrated improves your workout performance. Sip on H2O all day long.

13. Make it routine

When your workout feels like second nature, you won’t be as tempted to skip it. Keep your routine consistent every week, and start feeling results.

14. Lift a little

If you’re all cardio and no strength training, you’re not going to see the changes you’re after. These beginner-friendly dumbbell exercises are a great place to start.

15. Go for 10

Even if you’re not going to commit to a full workout, take 10 minutes and work out with one of these videos. Short workouts still count!

16. Stay caffeinated

Too tired to hit the gym? Turn up with a few sips of coffee or green tea. You’ll get your energy back on track, and caffeine has been linked to better workout performance.

17. Cruise your feed

Start following fitness stars like Kayla Itsines and Hannah Bronfman, who will fill up your Instagram feed with a ton of motivation. It’s hard not to want to work out after looking at these ladies!

18. Hire outside help

Sign up for boutique classes with an awesome instructor, or hire a personal trainer for a handful of sessions at the gym. They’ll keep you on track and revitalize your routine.

19. Reward yourself

All work with no reward does not suit the lazy girl. Whether it’s a piece of chocolate, new gear, or one hour of pure relaxation, give yourself a gold star after you put in the work.

20. Stay in bed

You need those seven to nine hours every night to keep you energized throughout the day and during your workout — just another good excuse to linger a little longer.

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Robert Lemus

Friday 10th of April 2020

Such a lovely article. I will definitely share this with my friends. Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.