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10 Surprising Foods That Kill Your Sex Life

While we know that dark chocolate and almonds are great aphrodisiacs, there are certain foods that can have just the opposite effect on your mood.

It is important for you to know about the foods that can naturally ruin your sex drive and harm your reproductive health as well.

10 Surprising Foods That Kill Your Sex Life.

These are the foods that will really prevent you from having enjoyable and pleasurable sex.

You will surely be called a failure if you do not perform well in bed with your partner and at times your partner can get so vexed with you, that she might even ditch you.

There are many times when you might have come across such a situation where you are in no mood for sex but your partner wants you to rip him or her apart.

There are even times when both of you lack the desire to have sex.

It is ideal for you to keep a tag of the foods that are responsible for low libido and also hinder you from having an enjoyable and top-of-the-world sex life.

So, take a look at some such foods that you should strike off from your menu when you are in the mood to spice up your sexual appetite.

10 Surprising Foods That Kill Your Sex Life

1. Alcohol

Many people believe that alcohol is very good before sex as it helps them to shed off their inhibitions and approach their partner better.

There are even people who believe that consumption of a little bit of alcohol increases their sexual drive and makes them a perfect performer in bed.

But, in most cases, people do not stop with a peg and consume three to four pegs of alcohol that will prevent them from having enterprising sex with their partner.

Too much alcohol causes depression in you and you might even suffer from psychological symptoms. It will also decrease the production of testosterone in men.

So, make sure that you limit yourself to just one drink if you have intentions to entertain your partner in bed.

2. Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then it is better that you reduce taking a lot of coffee to become a good performer in bed.

Taking 5 to 6 cups of coffee every day will cause damage to your adrenal glands.

The function of the adrenal glands will be reduced due to excess consumption of coffee and this will, in turn, produce stress hormones.

If you are under severe stress, you will be a total failure in bed with your partner.

This can also lead to sexual imbalance. Hence, limit to just one or two cups of coffee every day to impress your partner in bed.

3. Mint

Many people who are ready to have sex with their partner would pop up with peppermint chewing gums or even eat mint leaves to keep their mouths fresh.

But, do you know that mint has a bad effect on your sex life?

Yes, the menthol in the peppermint has been found to be an ingredient that can lower your testosterone levels and make you a poor performer in bed.

If you feel like you want to get rid of bad breath and the foul smell in your mouth, try chewing a piece of ginger.

4. Sodas And Colas

One of the worst foods that cause sexual dysfunction is sodas.

Any fixed drink has to be totally avoided before sex and must also be consumed in very minimal quantities if you would like to impress your partner in bed always.

It is also responsible for dehydration, obesity, and dental cavities. So, make it a point to avoid fizzed drinks totally.

5. Cornflakes

Are you aware that John Harvey Kellogg, the man who created Kellogg’s cereals, made it reduce sexual drive in men and women?

The sugar that is present in the cereals will spike and will also cause a crash in your blood level that will, in turn, affect testosterone.

This will make you a poor performer in bed. Hence, make sure that you do not consume cereals if you have intentions of making love with your partner at night.

6. Artificial Sweetener

All artificial sweeteners contain Aspartame which will reduce the release of serotonin in your body.

Serotonin is the main chemical that increases your libido and your sexual drive as well as makes you happy. It is one that controls your mood.

Lack of serotonin also leads to headaches, irritability, and depression and you will never feel the urge of having sex.

7. Canned Food

There are large amounts of sodium in canned foods that will reduce the flow of blood all over your body.

Consuming too much-canned food will also lower your potassium levels as well as reduce blood flow to your genitals.

Finally, you will end up losing vigor and sexual urge completely.

8. Soy Products

It is important for you to stay away from processed soy products as all the essential health products in the soy are wiped away during processing.

The Phytoestrogen in the soy is said to be one of the foods that affect the hormonal imbalance in men and women and make them poor performers in bed.

9. Licorice

If you have the habit of drinking licorice tea, then you are well-advised to substitute this tea with either green tea or even ginseng to have a better and pleasurable sex life.

The active glycyrrhetinic acid in the licorice will reduce cortisol levels significantly. This will, in turn, result in the lowering of the testosterone levels that reduce your sexual drive.

10. Processed Cheese

If you want to be a good performer in bed and a man with a sexual urge at all times, then it is ideal for you to avoid all kinds of processed foods, especially cheese.

The cheese sold in the supermarkets is made from cow’s milk. This milk has been treated with antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

Too much-processed dairy foods will result in the release of xenoestrogen in your body which will lower your sex drive and also might cause sexual dysfunction.

Source: my health

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